Our First Huawei LUNA Series Battery Install…

Our First Huawei LUNA Series Battery Install…

We have been installing Huawei solar inverters for some time and are really impressed. Our teams love installing them, they work great and look awesome.

This week we completed our first Huawei LUNA battery install in Pattaya. This was a 10kWh configuration ( 5kWh +5kWh) with a controller. Max size per stack is 15kWh. For the Huawei LUNA series you need to use their Battery Back-Up Box, this is essentially an ATS to switch between utility power and battery power. When installing any Solar Hybrid system you will need to separate the loads and add critical loads to a new consumer unit. The output for this system is a 5kW single phase so you need to ensure that your critical/backup loads do not exceed this or you will overload the inverter and it will shut down. The Huawei Energy Storage System works differently from other Hybrid Systems that we have installed. There is no separate output cable that connects to your backup box, that is why you need Huawei’s Battery Back-Up Box – here you have Utility (PEA, MEA) as the primary, the Huawei Inverter as the secondary and the backup loads/critical loads.  The best way to use this system is as an off-grid system; this takes Solar PV first, Battery second and the Grid as the backup. 

The installation was fairly straightforward, the mounting kit and all components were in the package so just plug and play. Commissioning was a bit tricky as it was our first system but not difficult, the next installs will be easy. If you have just one Inverter and Battery then the setup is easy.

For this project, we installed two Huawei SUN2000 5kTL-L1 inverters, one connected to the battery and one AC coupled. This allows for 10kW of Solar PV for daytime loads and battery charging. We install a total of 30 LONGi 455Wp (mono half cut) Solar Panels, 15 per system.

The system can be monitored through the Huawei Fusion Solar application.


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  1. May 16, 2023 at 4:18 pm

    I have a 10kwh system in our resort
    I m intrested in adding a baterry
    We are near phuket
    Our inverter is huawei
    Thank you

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