Solar Rooftops

Considering installing a Solar Rooftop or Commercial Solar PV System?

Choose Kunini as Your Reliable Solar EPC Partner in Thailand

When it comes to solar energy solutions, Kunini stands out as a professional and trustworthy choice. With over two decades of experience since 2002, we have been installing solar rooftops since 2011. Our expertise lies in two main types of systems: On-Grid (grid-tied, grid-interactive) and Solar Hybrid (storage).

The On-Grid systems have gained significant popularity due to their ability to connect to the local grid and provide a potential payback over time. In Thailand, the current incentive scheme for residential solar rooftops is the solar FIT (feed-in tariff). To be eligible for this scheme, your system needs to be designed for self-consumption. Stay updated on the latest solar rooftop developments by checking out our informative blog.

Solar Hybrid Systems are also gaining traction among customers. These systems incorporate a grid-connected Hybrid Inverter and a series of batteries. However, it’s important to carefully consider the loads that require backup and the compatibility of different load types, as not all loads are suitable to run off batteries.

Solar PV Systems in Pattaya, Bangkok & Hua Hin

If you are located in Pattaya, Bangkok, or Hua Hin, Kunini is here to provide you with high-quality Solar PV Systems for your home or business. Our aim is to help you reduce your monthly electricity costs and establish a sustainable energy source.

To ensure that we offer you the best system and the best quote, we provide a complimentary solar survey for all solar rooftops. If you prefer an in-person consultation, we invite you to visit our offices, where we can offer a free demonstration and discuss your specific requirements while educating you about the various system options available.

You can find our offices conveniently located in Pattaya and Hua Hin. For further information, please refer to our Contact Us Page.

Embrace the benefits of having a Solar PV System in Pattaya, Bangkok, or Hua Hin. By investing in this renewable energy solution, you can enjoy energy-saving capabilities, substantial cost savings, and reduced reliance on the traditional grid system.

Residing in a different city in Thailand? Interested in Solar PV Systems for your home? Rest assured, our services extend throughout Thailand.

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