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Kunini is a Solar EPC that installs Solar Rooftops for businesses of any size. Easy and flexible solutions to get started today.

All businesses have a monthly electricity expense; why not look to reduce or eliminate that expense by installing a Solar Rooftop on your building. Become an energy producer and enjoy savings from day 1. Contact Kunini today for a free consultation.

Easy Ownership Options

Kunini offers two easy ownership options for business owners; short term PPA contracts with a small down payment and easy monthly instalments and long term PPA contracts with minimal outlay and monthly invoicing based on Kwh consumed. With either option, the owner will get to keep the asset once the contract term ends.

Does Your Business Qualify?

Do you have a monthly electricity bill of more than Bt. 100,000, is your business operating 5-7 days with a constant daytime power requirement? If yes, then we can help you save on your electricity bills from day one. 

How does it work?

A solar PV system works by converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity by means of a solar panel, the converted energy is DC current. The DC current passes through a Solar Inverter with changes the DC current to usable AC current. The AC current is what you use to power your business. Traditionally, you purchase your electricity from the utility; in Thailand that is the PEA or the MEA. They charge you for every kWh that you use. The ‘utility kWh unit fee’ is normally fixed but other charges on your monthly bill such as FT (fuel tariff), and Vat charges are not. You will always be subject to increased utility charges.   

If you own a Solar Rooftop, you will not be subject to these increases, once you have paid off your Solar Rooftop the energy is free.

Case Study #1

Small Retail Outlet; 7 days per week operation from 8 am to 8 pm, constant power consumption throughout the daytime. Average monthly electricity charge Bt. 45,000 per month. The business’s power consumption is split between 60% daytime and 40% morning/evening. They are looking for a solar rooftop that could save on daytime power. In this instance, we would suggest a system sized around 50kWp.

Solar RooftopAmount
Monthly Electricity BillBt. 45,000
Monthly Power Consumption10,800 kWh
Suggested System Size50 kWp
System CostBt. 1,400,000
Monthly Savings with SolarBt. 25,000
Annual Savings with SolarBt. 300,000
ROI5 Years

Case Study #2

ABC Hotel; 7 days per week operation, constant power consumption throughout the daytime. Average monthly electricity charge Bt. 200,000 per month. The hotel’s power consumption is split between 40% daytime and 60% evening. They are looking for a solar rooftop that could save on daytime power. In this instance, we would suggest a system sized around 160kWp.                                                                                        

Solar RooftopAmount
Monthly Electricity BillBt. 200,000
Monthly Power Consumption48,000 kWh
Suggested System Size160 kWp
System CostBt. 4,480,000
Monthly Savings with SolarBt. 80,000
Annual Savings with SolarBt. 960,000
ROI5 Years

Case Study #3

Medium Sized Factory; 7 days per week operation from 7 am to 10 pm, constant power consumption throughout the daytime. Average monthly electricity charge Bt. 840,000 per month. The factory’s power consumption is split between 60% daytime and 40% evening. They are looking for a solar rooftop that could save on daytime power. In this instance, we would suggest a system sized around 900kWp.                                  

Solar RooftopAmount
Monthly Electricity BillBt. 840,000
Monthly Power Consumption200,000 kWh
Suggested System Size900 kWp
System CostBt. 24,300,000
Monthly Savings with SolarBt. 450,000
Annual Savings with SolarBt. 5,400,000
ROI4.5 Years
Why Solar? What Are The Benefits?
  • Save Money from Day 1
  • Be your own power producer
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Keep your building cooler
  • Produce clean green energy


Self-Financed ModelThird-Party Ownership Model
DescriptionThe facility owner buys the system 100%.
A Solar EPC Constructs the system.
The Solar Service Provider developer builds, owns, and operates (BOO) the PV system and sells electricity to the Facility Owner at a discounted price for the agreed contract period.
Investment CostDepends on system sizeMinimal
Electricity SavingFull electricity cost saving is achieved for the facility ownerPart of the savings is obtained by the Facility Owner (depending on the discount rate agreed upon with the Solar Service Provider)
OwnershipFacility ownerThe Solar Service Provider

O&MBy Developer / EPC Contractor for two years. After depends on owner to contract out this serviceBy Developer / EPC Contractor for the contract duration
BenefitsReceive full savings from generated energy.
Lock in electricity rate for 25 years
Has full control of the system
No long-term contract obligations
Limited Investment cost & O&M cost
Guaranteed savings for 25 years
A buy-back option to switch to self-finance
model may be agreed.

How Can I Get Started?

The first step is a free consultation, if we think that your business can benefit from a Solar rooftop, we will schedule a Solar survey. The consultation is a way for us to determine if a Solar Rooftop will be a benefit for your business, we need to know that it’s a viable solution. The main factors we need to consider are monthly electricity consumption and billing, system size, available roof space and terms; will you self-finance or require financing? If you are a good fit, then we will schedule a Solar Survey.

Kunini will send out its Engineer and Solar Team to meet with you and your team. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your facility, from the roof, switchgear room, possible equipment location etc. This will allow us to present you with an all-inclusive offer. 

Contact Kunini for a free solar survey or better yet visit us at our office for a free demonstration and discussion of your needs and the different system types available to you. After, a consultant will visit your property to carry out a solar survey. The solar survey determines the viability of installing a solar PV system on your roof. Taking note of the roof structure and roof type, roof orientation, possible shading and type of utility power installed. This is then followed up with a proposal for an ideal solar PV system along with an estimated ROI.

Once a solar survey has been carried out on your property, Kunini will prepare a proposal for the ideal solar PV system designed for you. The proposal will include a fully inclusive solar PV quotation and estimated ROI, (return on investment) calculation. We will then send you a presentation inclusive of all details about the solar PV system, cost, equipment used and time frame to get you up and running quickly. Duration depends on project size.

Once you’ve chosen your solar PV system, Kunini will schedule the installation by our team. Small rooftop systems take a few days to install, while larger systems may require additional planning and time. Kunini installs solar PV systems to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring proper installation and compliance. Once installed and commissioned, you can monitor system performance online. Kunini follows international standards during installation and conducts thorough testing and commissioning afterward.


System Components and Warranties

Kunini has a range of products from reliable suppliers, we chose our suppliers based on quality, reliability and contractability. We try to work with local suppliers for the main components such as Solar Inverters and Monitoring Equipment to ensure that we will have the support should it be needed. We work with major brands so that we get long term warranties (usually 10 years for solar inverters), extended warranties can be purchased if required. 

“After consultation with a Solar Service Provider, the Facility Owner will have a good idea on the suitability of their roof for solar PV system installation and the type of preferred business model.”

Finance Options

Kunini Solar EPC has launched its Solar Rooftop Installment Program for SMEs and small businesses. These businesses may lack the capital to invest in a Solar Rooftop or wish to keep their money and enter the Solar instalment program. This article will show you how you can get started with a bit of upfront outlay and start saving on your utility costs right away.  The Solar Rooftop will be paid in instalments from the savings you make, and you get to keep some of the savings.

When the Solar Rooftop is paid up, around 6-7 years, you get to save 100% of the savings; it’s a win-win scenario. 

The Concept

Any business with an electricity bill upwards of Bt. 50,000 per month or more and uses a lot of electricity during the daytime can benefit from this program. What type of businesses falls into this category? Office building, shop, café, small factory, shopping mall, garage, restaurant, gym/sauna, home office etc.

Large factories can enter this program too, but terms and conditions may vary.

Uncertain that it works or won’t deliver as expected?

When Kunini started installing Solar Rooftops almost ten years ago, there were two main issues.

    • Does it work? 100% it is a proven energy supply that is clean and green. Just look all around you, Renewable energy is everywhere, Solar, Wind, Hydro. If the future and you can be part of it.

    • Long ROI (return on investment). Long ROI? not anymore! We can say that as of 2020, we have seen returns of as quick as four years, but the general return is between 4-6 years. We don’t expect better returns yet, but systems are becoming more reliable, and yields are increasing with advancements in technology.

Fast forward to today, and we can answer and address these issues efficiently and with confidence.

Be your own power provider, own a Solar Rooftop today. Easy finance options, quick returns and professional service make ownership a breeze.

But for those who are still doubtful about the benefits of Solar PV or the returns and benefits, please look at our blogs on our website or our Facebook page.

What about maintenance and servicing of the system? With this program, Kunini Solar EPC offers a 5-year O&M package with every finance deal and can provide further maintenance packages after this expires.

Let’s Discuss Performance & Maintenance

Solar O&M (operations and maintenance) is vital to the long life of the Solar PV system. Kunini has installed many Solar Rooftop projects and sends a team to each site every six months to carry out an O&M program. This consists of solar panel cleaning and a full inspection of the system. In addition, all plants are monitored to ensure that the system is always 100% operational. Depending on the site/location, additional service visits may be required; sites near main highways or in industrial estates or close to cement factories may need to have their solar panels cleaned more frequently.

The Kunini Solar EPC team has installed solar PV systems for more than ten years without significant incidents.  Typical items like; inverter issue (replacement claim), cracked panel due to external influences, some broken string fuses and the odd MC4 connector replacement. We believe that if the PV plant is under an excellent reliable O&M contract, downtime will be minimal.

Kunini has a Customer Service Manager to take care of customers and schedule maintenance events making sure your PV plant stays in tip-top condition.

How Does Solar Financing Work?

Kunini works with the financier to provide the finance for the project. The program is like leasing a car whereby you pay a small down payment, typically 10-20%. After that, the Solar PV system is installed, and you make monthly instalment payments until the system is paid off. This usually is 6-7 years. So, in summary, the down payment is paid to Kunini Solar EPC (the installer). The balance is paid through instalments to the financier with an interest payment of around 5-6.5% per annum. 

Case Example

Let’s use this case example to explain the process. Kunini Solar EPC has surveyed and designed a Solar Rooftop for ABC Hotel, with an installed capacity of 160 kWp. Mee Capital Company Limited (the financier) is a hire purchase service provider; they have agreed to finance the project.

Kunini Solar EPC (Kunini Co., Ltd) enters into an agreement (MOU) with Mee Capital Co., Ltd. They ally to provide financing for Solar Rooftops under agreed conditions; the Solar PV system must be designed to maximize daytime power consumption for the site. The installation must be installed according to the rules and regulations of the ERC, MEA and PEA. We are emphasizing safety, yield, and performance guidelines.

Kunini Solar EPC enters into a contract with ABC Hotel to install a Solar Rooftop on their hotel roof.

ABC Hotel pays a down payment of 15% (the down payment depends on the final agreement between the finance company and the offtaker) of the project value, to Kunini Solar EPC.

ABC Hotel enters a contract for hire-purchase of the Solar Rooftop with Mee Capital Co., Ltd., whereby the hire-purchase amount is 85% of the project value.

Kunini Solar EPC installs the Solar Rooftop and claims the installation fee (cost of the project) according to the progress of the work with Me Capital Co. Kunini Solar EPC establishes the Solar Rooftop, including final testing commissioning, and then claims the 80% balance from the financier.

For the final 5%, Mee Capital Company will pay Kunini Solar EPC when the licensees from government agencies are released.

The information presented here is an overview to understand how the program works. The data is non-binding until all parties enter into a contract. For your project, contact us for more information and to set up a free survey and consultation.