It’s Finally Arrived, Residential Backup Power With Alpha SMILE B3!

Finally, a solution for your backup power needs. The Alpha SMILE B3 Energy Solution can be used with an existing Solar PV system or can be used as a stand-alone critical power backup solution. The SMILEB3 is an AC coupled all-in-one battery energy storage system (BESS) that outputs 3000W of power. The integrated LiFePO. 4 battery is 2.9kWh, (2.8kWh usable) – which is expandable to 17.2kWh giving you plenty of power to manage your critical loads.

The SMILE-B3 can control the bi-directional flow of electric power, work under auto/manual & time-of-use (TOU) modes, charge/discharge the battery as per customer’s setting. All setting can be controlled through the Alpha ESS App. It also helps to achieve the optimal usage of renewable energy if you have an existing Solar PV System installed.

Frustrated with your Grid Tied System?

Do you have an existing grid-connected Solar PV system installed? Does it frustrate you when the power goes out and you’re left in the dark? The Alpha B3 solves this issue with a built-in lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO. 4 ) and the quick change over UPS mode. Never be in the dark again… Each system has its place and technology will forever evolve, adding on this system to take care of your backup power needs and charge it from your Solar PV system during the day.


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