New Install Overview : Todd + Pukie  (Pattaya)

Name of client: Todd + Pukie 

Location: Pattaya

Size of project: 10kW On Grid + Optimizers + EV Charger

Equipment used: We used

  • Huawei 10kW Three Phase Inverter (This inverter is ‘battery ready’ so the customer can install batteries later if they need them.)
  • Smart Power Sensor + WLAN Dongle.
  • 20 Longi  580Wp Mono Solar Panels (11.6kWp)
  • Huawei Smart PV Optimizers (SUN2000-600W-P) for module level MPPT tracking and rapid shutdown function.
  • Lock Solar Mounting structure for the C-Pac Roof.  + Sun-Fo-Sun Mounting for metal sheet roof.
  • As with all Solar Rooftops we install DC + AC Surge Protection and an RCBO for complete safety. The solar PV array is grounded, and we install a dedicated DC grounding system. 
  • Huawei Residential Smart Charger – 7.4kW/ 32A SCharger-7KS-S0 Single phase
  • The customer can use the Fusion Solar App or web portal to monitor the system.

Challenges: Roof Type – this type of roof is quite difficult as the tiles are brittle, and the roof pitch is steep. Installing the Solar Mounting is tricky because of the limited space.

Interesting attributes : Easy to install Huawei Systems everything works out of the box ☺

Installation Date: 04th May 2024


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