New Install Overview : Sanyalak  Jansritakoon (Pattaya)

Name of client: Sanyalak  Jansritakoon

Location: Pattaya

Size of project: 5kW On Grid

Equipment used: We used

  • Huawei 5kW Single Phase Inverter (This inverter is ‘battery ready’ so the customer can install batteries later if they need them.)
  • Smart Power Sensor + WLAN Dongle.
  • 10 Longi  550Wp Mono Solar Panels (5.5kWp)
  • Lock Solar Mounting structure for the C-Pac Roof. 
  • As with all Solar Rooftops we install DC + AC Surge Protection and an RCBO for complete safety. The solar PV array is grounded, and we install a dedicated DC grounding system. 
  • The customer can use the Fusion Solar App or web portal to monitor the system.

Challenges: Had to move the PV Array as the neighbor complained about the reflection! Never had that before…

Interesting attributes : Easy to install Huawei Systems everything works out of the box ☺

Installation Date: 15th May 2024


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