Install Overview : Mr. Patrick (Ubon Ratchatani)

Name of client: Mr. Patrick (Ubon Ratchatani)

Size of project: 10kW Hybrid System 

Equipment used: We used

  • DEYE Hybrid Inverter, 10kW 3P
  • Vestwoods Lithium Batteries (LiFePO4) – 3 x 4.8kW / 14.4kWh
  • Jinko Tiger Solar Panels Mono Half-Half, 72 Cell 580Wp, N Type – 20 Pcs
  • Klip-Loc Solar Mounting (for metal sheet roof)  
  • Monitored by SolarMan
  • Delta EV Charger – Delta Max 22kW 3P with Type2 Charging Cable

A rural farm venture, situated in a remote area, prioritized critical loads. Additionally, we incorporated an electric vehicle charger into the setup. This marks the fourth installation completed for this particular client.

Installation Date: March 2024


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