Install Overview : Helge (Hua Hin)

Welcome to the dedicated section where we delve into our most recent solar installations, offering our readers captivating insights into the complexities of solar implementation. Here, we share comprehensive information about the equipment utilized, our strategic approach, and the noteworthy challenges encountered during the installation process. Join us as we weave together a narrative that not only showcases our latest projects but also provides interesting tidbits about the entire installation journey.

Name of client: Helge (Hua Hin)

Size of project: 5kW Hybrid System 

Equipment used: We used

  • 12 Ulica 540Wp Mono Solar panels (6.4kWp)
  • Lock Solar mounting structure for the C-Pac Roof.
  • Alpha Smile5 Solar Hybrid Inverter with Smart Meter (ACR10)
  • Alpha Smile Batt 10.1kWh.

This was a single-phase installation. The system is monitored by the Alpha ESS App and Portal. We installed an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) as a fail-safe safety feature. The Alpha series of hybrid inverters are true UPS unlike other hybrid inverters on the market. 

Installation Date: 16/08/22


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