Thailand’s Solar PV Business Is Not Slowing Down…

Kunini’s Business Model

Kunini has seen a surge in Solar PV installations over the past few years. Actually, the Solar PV business in Thailand has seen a rapid increase since regulations were clarified and prices for Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and other equipment has stabilized. Indeed, Kunini’s business which focuses on two markets; Solar Hybrid and Grid Tied Solar PV Systems, has seen a steady flow of business since 2018. This has allowed us to strengthen our position in these areas, particularly with Solar Hybrid systems as these require more understanding and design considerations. It’s important to educate customers so that they know about the benefits and limitations of all systems so that there are no disappointments moving forward.

There has never been a better time to install a Solar Rooftop in Thailand, whether it’s for your home or business. Costs have stabilized and typical ROI’s are around 4-5years not to mention other benefits of installing Solar.

Here are some benefits of installing a Solar Rooftop…

  • Reduces your monthly utility charge by saving energy, based on the self-consumption model
  • Ads value to your property
  • Reduces Carbon footprint, helping to achieve a greener planet
  • Keeps your home or business cooler with the additional shading
  • Gives you an Emergency power supply if you choose a Solar Hybrid system
  • Be a Cool Dude or Dudess knowing you are doing your part to save the planet

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