Commander 2 22kW

7,4 kW (single-phase) / 22 kW (three-phase)



Wallbox Commander 2

The robust Wallbox Commander 2 is one of our most versatile 22kW home chargers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, convenient Display and app control. Includes the possibility for Load Balancing and Panel Sharing. For cars with different charging capacities, this is a suitable option. The charging capacity is determined by the battery charger in your car and by your mains connection.

With Type 2 fixed charging cable

This Wallbox is standard equipped with a fixed 5-metre type 2 charging cable. Due to the fixed cable, it is no longer necessary to remove the cable from the trunk every time. All you have to do is grab the plug out of the holder and put it in the car to start charging.

Applicable to 1-phase and 3-phase connections

This smart Wallbox charging station is suitable for charging your car with up to 3x32A (22 kW), but you can set it in values between 6A and 32A so that this charging station can be easily applicable to any mains connection and deliver different charging power. This allows you to charge any electric car!

The Wallbox Commander 2 supports both 1-phase and 3-phase charging and is compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase power connections. But, in order to use more than 7.4 kW power, you will need a 3-phase electricity connection.

Advantages of the Wallbox Commander 2:

  • No subscription for the use of charging point management and app services
  • Includes fixed Type 2 charging cable
  • Easy to operate using the 7 inch touchscreen
  • Avoid access by using your personal charging pass
  • Connection to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LAN. And can be expanded with a GSM module for mobile communication
  • Connectivity via the Wallbox app
  • Lower installation costs due to integrated DC detection
  • Expand with Dynamic Load Balancing
  • the possibility of automatically setting charge costs through a back office, for the benefit of lease or business drivers.