New Install Overview : The Norwegian Church (Pattaya)

This is the space where we elaborate on our latest solar installations, providing our audience with intriguing insights into the intricacies of solar installation.

Name of client: The Norwegian Church (Pattaya)

Size of project: 33kWp 

Equipment used:

  • Huawei SUN2000-30KTL-M3 Inverter 
  • Huawei Optimizers (MERC 1300W-P): two panels per optimizer, 29 in total
  • Smart Power Sensor, Huawei DTSU666-H 3P / CT 250/5A—for zero export control 
  • Solar Combiner Box with DC Fuse, DC MCB, and DC Surge Protection per string (3 Strings)
  • AC Combiner Box 80A 3P RCBO with variable trip setting and AC Surge Protection
  • Solar Panels: JINKO JKM580N-72HL4-V, 57 pieces
  • Monitoring via Fusion Solar App on mobile or PC
  • Solar Mounting is Chiko’s professional mounting structure for solar rooftops.


Installation Date: 28/10/2023

Challenges of the installation:

Due to the elevated roof height, a crane was necessary for access. Additionally, the owner installed an access ladder for both installation and maintenance purposes. External cables, spanning from the roof to the MDB room, were routed through IMC metal conduit. The installation process was streamlined, facilitated by the equipment’s placement in the main electrical room, ensuring convenient access. The roof’s pantile structure allowed for the use of E-Z-type brackets.

Interesting attributes of the process

The church aimed to cut costs by adopting solar energy and opting for a self-consumption system. Through a competitive bidding process, Kunini secured the contract and successfully completed the installation within a five-day timeframe.


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