New Install Overview : Alex Klug (Rayong)

Name of client: Alex Klug (Rayong)

Size of project: 5kW Single Phase – On Grid 

Equipment used: We used

  • Huawei 5kW Grid Inverter, Huawei Smart Power Sensor for Zero Export Control,
  • Huawei WLAN Dongle.
  • Solar Mounting – SunForSun ‘hanger bolt’ type.
  • Solar Panels, 9X Longi LR5-72HPH-550M – 550Wp total 4950Wp.
  • Single Phase Combiner Box with 1 string.
  • Combiner Box on the DC side we used DC Fuses, DC Isolation and DC Surge Protection.

On the AC side we installed a 2 pole RCBO for the inverter and AC Surge Protection. The entire Solar Array has been grounded to the main MET terminal in the Combiner Box. Solar Cables are Hukabel and MC4 connectors are Link.

Challenges: No real challenges apart from the main house Consumer Unit being far away. We had to install IMC metal conduit from the pool pump room (PV location) to the electric room (around 30M). In general, a simple installation.

Interesting attributes : As this customer is away for most of the year, he will use the Solar PV system to take care of his small daytime load and will export the excess under the PEA’s FIT (feed in tariff) scheme. When he is at home, he will have some additional loads but for the next few years he will be away more than in Thailand. Kunini will take care of the FIT application process for the customer.

Installation Date: March 2024


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