Install Overview : Mr. Mikey (Kanchanaburi)

Name of client: Mr. Mikey (Kanchanaburi)

Overview: Solar Hybrid installation. The system was installed on the roof of a Boat House in Western Thailand in quite a remote location. The power here is unreliable with lots of power issues. The system will be used to maximize self-consumption and have a reserve power supply for emergencies.

Size of project: 5kW Hybrid + 9.9kW Solar PV 

Equipment used: We used

  • Alpha G3 S5 Hybrid Inverter, 5kW 1P 
  • Alpha Lithium Batteries (LiFePO4) – 3 x 10.1kW / 30.3kWh
  • Jinko Tiger Solar Panels Mono Half-Half, 72 Cell 550Wp, N Type – 18 Pcs
  • Klip-Loc Solar Mounting (for metal sheet roof)  
  • Monitored by Alpha App + Portal

Challenges of the install: One of the primary challenges faced during the installation process is the logistics of transporting materials and equipment to the site, especially when the location is remote. The distance and inaccessibility can complicate the delivery schedules, increase transportation costs, and require special planning to ensure that all necessary items arrive intact and on time. Additionally, remote locations often lack the infrastructure needed to support large-scale installations, further adding to the complexity and demanding creative solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Interesting attributes of the process: Never installed on a boat house before!

Installation Date: March 2024


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