Frank Marshall

Kunini just finished our 5.4 kw system. Less than 2 full days to complete installation. This is the most professional company I have dealt with in Thailand. From first contact, to the bidding process, scheduling, installation, billing every step in the process was first class. They also pointed out some unsafe meter base wiring that had been performed by other companies provided recommendations for the fix at a very reasonable price. In the USA I had a high end property management company. I would consider it as good or better than any top tier company that I did business with in the USA.

Frank Marshall – Huawei 5kW On Grid – Single Phase


  • Huawei 5kW on-grid solar inverter
  • Huawei Smart Logger for zero Export Control
  • Solar Combiner Box – DC Fuses, DC Isolators, DC Surge Protection, AC Isolator (RCBO), AC Surge Protection.
  • Solar Panels Longi 540Wp Mono (10)
  • Lock Solar mounting structure for metal sheet roof
  • Comms by WiFi
  • System managed by Fusion Solar (App + Portal)