Copper OCCP SB , Socket Only – 7.4kW / 22kW

WALLBOX Copper SB Charging station pack + electrical protection – 7.4kW 32A single phase 220V


Mini 25x20cm charging station, connected, and adjustable power designed for home or office parking
WALLBOX Copper SB single-phase charging station Wallbox Copper – 1.4 to 7.4kW – Bluetooth – Wi-Fi – T2S connects 220V single phase. Its load current is instantaneously adjustable, anytime between 6A and 32A via the Wallbox application. It can therefore accommodate the available power of your home. His grip T2S lockable front will ensure a Secure charging in your electric car in Mode 3 .

With the Application Wallbox , you can connect your charging station to your Smartphone with Bluetooth or wifi. The application will allow you to manage the following settings:

Enable / Off remote load
Adjust load power between 1.4 and 7.4kW
Schedule the load the desired slots (to recharge in peak hours, for example)
Review Historical consumption and the total cost of electricity consumed
Enable Plug & amp; Play or RFID card
The charging station operates in Plug & Charge or RFID card choice . Plug & Charge as soon as you connect the cable to your vehicle and the charging station, charging begins. If you activate the RFID fashion Web portal Wallbox, then only RFID cards included with the Wallbox can activate the load.

7km (to 1,4kW) at 35km (to 7.4kW) more runtime per hour of charging.

Mini Size
Wallbox Copper SP with shutter socket (Type 2S) is one of the smaller charging stations market. Discreet, lightweight and convenient. Size L19xH26xP9 cm. It is also robust (IK 10) and is resistant to heavy rain (IP 54). It can be installed outside without protection against rain.

Key Features
Enable Plug & Charge or RFID card – your choice – adjustable on Wallbox web portal
Setting the charging intensity between 6 and 32A, adjustable via App
Connect via Bluetooth and WiFi: access to Wallbox App and Web Portal Wallbox
Single-phase connection
No Current Sense leak CC
Terminal block for flexible (and not rigid) cable. The station can only be connected with flexible cable
IP54 protection and IK10: resistant to heavy rain and shocks
Plug: Type 2S. Socket with safety shutter
Wall mounting kit included
Circuit Protection
The following electrical safety devices are required, and are to be installed on a dedicated line. They were approved by electricians , and comply with French regulations.

Protections to install:

Type A differential switch 40A 30mA (eg HAGER BDH240F ) – included
40A circuit breaker C curve (eg HAGER MJT740 ) – included
Shunt emission 230 / 415V (required for ZE Ready) ( HAGER MZ203 ) – not included
User Interface
LED display indicating charge status
Standard foot
Dynamic charge one phase: Powerboost – EM112 – included
Dynamic charge three phases: Powerboost – EM340
CarPlug Test
CarPlug team has successfully tested the Copper charging station. The charging station is surprising for its small size. The opening of the cover for connecting the cable was a bit tedious, we must watch the installation video Youtube for it. Then the connection was a breeze. Connect the phase, neutral and earth. Connection to electrical protection, and start up.

The charging station turns on quickly, and is ready to load in about 1 minute. We downloaded the app Wallbox, registered serial number and PUK code, and the connection is made without problem. We then plugged the cable: charging has started all alone to the intensity set to the application. If you change the intensity of the application, the load current changes instantly on the car.

Review: Very positive. ideal charging station for a garage or a house for someone wishing to follow its consumption, manage charging slots, and sometimes change the charging current.